As of November 1, 2015 I will no longer be offering Drumming and meditation Circles, or Seasonal Rituals/Ceremonies at the Spiritual Centre in Wilmot, Nova Scotia. I will now be concentrating more on ecological gardening, seed saving, and permaculture activities. However, I will still offer a monthly spiritual musing.




Everything on Earth has its own individual type of energy flow. Even things we consider to be inanimate have flows of energy, because everything is made from the elements, minerals, and substances of the Earth, which in turn are the same substances that create the vast Universe. This view of everything being alive and having a flow of energy, or spirit, is the essence of Shamanism for me. This means that everything we have and use in our daily lives deserves respect and no abuse of any kind; in other words treat everything you have and use as having a life energy of its own and do not abuse or misuse anything. As an example look at a wooden table; the table is made from a specific type of wood which came from trees that were once alive and were cut down for their wood. As a result the wood of the table will retain some of the energy of the tree that sacrificed itself for that wood; in other words the table has retained some of the Spirit of the tree(s) and the table can be viewed as a "living" being that deserves respect and no abuse of any kind. If you can treat a table or any other object usually considered to be inanimate as "living" and with respect it will be easier to respect yourself and other people as well. This way of thinking can bring balance, harmony, joy, and health into your own life, and the lives of other people. Such a simple change of attitude will result in a great healing for our planet.

Another way I like to look at energy flows is to imagine it as a river flowing to the ocean. The river flows along at a speed which is dictated by the surrounding environment, sometimes slow and placid, and sometimes fast and turbulent. Notice how a river goes around obstacles, such as rocks; is does go not through them or over them, but goes around them. The water is turbulent at the front of the rock and on the sides, but is much calmer on the other side. You can apply this energy flow principle to your own life. If you meet an obstacle, such as an undesirable person or a difficult situation in your life do not be stubborn and try to butt up against it constantly, but let the energy flow take you around the block to a more peaceful, placid place, and then work from that place. I have personally found that this helps me to work more easily with people I have a hard time dealing with. Instead of butting heads with that person I let the flow of energy take me around them, so I end up at a less acrimonious place where I can much more easily accept their advice, gifts, and wisdom. If even this does not work, then I will have nothing to do with that particular individual if at all possible; with co-workers and family members this can remain a problem, but having as little as possible to do with that person is a solution. Some people are just not compatible with others and we need to learn to let others know how we feel about them. If they can accept you even after you express your feelings you should be able to work with them; if not stay on your path and let them stay on theirs and you will feel much better than constantly fighting with them. This is a much healthier way of being, and can bring a great healing to you as well as balance and harmony. Try this and see what happens and what you feel like after doing it.