"In Hawaii, when the Gods arrive, they come down in clouds".

-Hank Wesselman...Shaman.

Physically fog and mist are actually clouds that form at ground level. This, for me means that fog and mist are intimately connected with the physical earth. Fog and mist tend to transform the world, making objects, both near and far, appear "softer" ghostly at times, nebulous, and they soften your gaze so small details are more noticeable. Have you ever noticed how blades of grass, leaves, flowers, and especially spider webs sparkle with a beautiful silver colour on a foggy/misty morning as the sun and breezes begin to dissipate the fog? One of the beauties of nature often missed in this busy society. On a foggy morning your vision will be altered because you are in a cloud of water vapour, a veil, and even near by objects cannot be seen clearly; so you need to pay more attention and slow down as you are walking or driving to avoid hitting anything. Have you ever noticed that fog and mist also bring a quiet, still, peaceful feeling to everything in the environment? It seems to me that the fog and mist are asking you, and me, to slow down and notice the small details around us.

Spiritually, for me, fog and mist are connected to the Spiritual Element of Earth. In the cosmology I use to call in the directions to create sacred space, the Element of Earth is associated with the North direction. The North being the place where we go within ourselves, "to the void" to listen to our inner voices and our intuition to help us find our True Selves, our Divinely given gifts and talents, and our True Potentials to use for the highest good of all. Fog alters our vision, and this energy can be used as we enter altered states of consciousness through meditation or shamanic journeys to seek a different sort of clarity. Once we have found this new, "Spiritual" clarity, we can go within and connect to the spirits, who will help us to find the answers we need to move forward on all levels. As we enter these altered states and clarities we connect to the truth of our hearts. To navigate through these "foggy/misty" realms we need to turn on our fog lamps and listen to our inner fog horns to warn us away from perilous rocks and shoals, or spiritually speaking our illusions and misunderstandings. Then we wait for the breezes of clarity, or a flash of Divine Light to lift our "mental fog" or obscurity, and the answers to our questions will be sent to us in some form. Sometimes the answer arrives in a blinding flash, like the sun piercing through the fog. At other times the spiritual fog plays with us, only giving a brief glimpse of a solution. However, these times are important as we then have to look at our question, problem, or situation from another angle and be patient waiting for further insights that slip through the veil of the fog.