The native Americans believed that Fire was one of the Four Clan Chiefs of the Earth Mother's world; the others Clans are Air, Earth, and Water. These Four Clans are the elements that regulate the weather, the composition of matter, energy, space, and time on this planet. For the Native Americans there are six types of Fire Energy:

1) The Fire of the Sun, which they referred to as Grandfather Sun, 2) the Fire in Mother Earth's core, 3) The Fire of lightning, 4) the Fire of lava that forms the rocks, the bones of Mother Earth, 5) the Fire that burns wood, and 6) the Fire within each of us; the Eternal Flame of the Creator, and our life-force and spontaneity.

The warmth of Fire is a basic part of our human makeup. The teachings say that Grandfather Sun was the warmth of the First World that became manifest after Creation; the symbol of the Love of Creator for all of Earth's Children. During this First World only the Fire of the sun, the lava, and the lightning was known to human beings. Humans did not learn to capture and use fire until the Second World when the great ice sheets and bitter cold appeared. At that time humans needed to band together in families and clans for warmth and shelter; this led to the concepts of community, cooperation, and the support and love for others. 

Grandfather Sun also lives inside of each of us, in our “Vibral Core”, located in the solar plexus. When we radiate our love to others around us, the fire within us shines out. The proper use of this love energy is a form of Fire Medicine which can help heal both ourselves and others. Fire Medicine is also our joy for living; the desire to love and be loved; our need for human companionship and warmth; our physical strength, and empathy for others; our creativity and spontaneity; and the Fire that fuels Medicine Dreams, dreams from spirit with a healing message for ourselves or sometimes for the greater good of everyone.

Physical passion comes from the Fire within our internal Earth Mother energy. This kind of Fire Medicine fuels our bodies with stamina, expresses our sexuality, and sparks our creativity and spontaneity. If we bring the Earth Mother energy up through our feet and into the “Vibral Core” to meet Grandfather Sun's inner fire there is an inner creation within us of the Divine Union of Male and Female energies, which helps to keep our bodies balanced and in harmony. When we disconnect from Mother Earth, the union of these two Fires is cut off and our bodies do not get fed the Fire Medicine we need to live. This leads to illness, disease, mistrust and a feeling of separateness, instead of the unity and warmth we need to survive. So we all need to reconnect to Mother Earth, and all the other life forms on this planet, get out in nature, to become whole, balanced and harmonized once again. 

Fire Medicine is a reminder that all things come from and contain the Creator, which is the Original Source, or Void, from which everything becomes manifest. The Fire of Creation lives within us and in All other living things. So if we balance the Sacred Fire within ourselves, in all its forms, we will be able to perceive and become anything in Creation by melding with the Sacred Fire in all things...this is the talent of spontaneous creation, or shapeshifting. We need to remember that our passion for living is the fuel for this inner Fire, and is found by appreciating every blessing physical life offers us.