I have been called by the Spirits to be an EARTH HEALER; a practitioner of EARTH BASED SPIRITUALITY. I use the word Spirituality, because this is a path of DIRECT REVELATION from the Divine, with no intermediaries between you and the Divine. It is based on connecting to the Divine within yourself and thus to the Universal wisdom, healing, and guidance from helping spirits and Nature itself. Whereas, a religion has a priesthood, teachers, or intermediaries between you and the Divine, as well as certain codes of conduct, and Religious Writings telling you what you should believe. 

In my practice, I grow vegetables, flowers, fruits, and herbs organically without chemicals working closely, and "co-creatively" with Great Spirit, the Fairies, the Nature Spirits, Mother Nature, and the weather spirits. I say prayers to transform and transmute any negative energies, and to bring in the Light when planting seeds and bedding plants. This helps keep the soil and plants healthy and nutritious, and minimizes insect, bird, and small mammal damage.

 My main calling is to work closely with the Spirits of Weather and Air to help them heal sources of air pollution, and balance and harmonize the weather elements. I worked as a weather technician and weather forecaster for Environment Canada for 31 years, and am now being asked by the weather spirits to work spiritually and cooperatively and co-creatively with them to help heal the atmosphere and the Earth of the effects of pollution, and help heal other people using the energies of the weather elements.


Organic Gardening advice and information, including the use of unheated Greenhouses, cold frames and row covers for four-season harvesting. Please stop by the Rock Shop Friday's between 1 and 5 PM to speak one-on-one, or call the Rock Shop at (902) 825 - 2700 for more information. If I cannot answer your question(s) I may be able to refer you to someone who can...spreading the knowledge.


The practices I use for this work are varied: Reiki, Crystals, a Pendulum, some Native American (I have a Medicine Wheel in the back yard, and a small portable one as well), some Shamanic, some Ancient Celtic, Faery energies, and some solitary Witchcraft practices. I use all these practices on the basis that Humans are part of Nature, not separate from it, and that everything on this Earth has a Spirit, which will help Humans, if we are open to them, listen to them, and are grateful for their work and presence. This will lead to Balance, Joy, Love, Peace, and Harmony in our lives, and for our Planet.