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Training I have received:

Reiki: Levels 1 and 2 full courses, and Level 3 attunement; Introduction to Using a Pendulum Workshop; Two Introduction to Shamanism Courses; The Shaman's Door Introductory Course; Mandala For Peace 2009; Shamanic Convergence 2009; Shamanic Convergence 2010; An Earth Ritual and a Mineral Ritual with Malidoma Some - an African Shaman/Healer; Shamanic Journey Workshops; Meeting A Power Animal Workshop; Three Earth Healing Workshops with Little Grandmother; Body Talk Access Course; Training with a Weather Shaman; a Bear Medicine ceremony and sweat; a Plant Spirit Medicine workshop; Three Shamanic Ancestor workshops; Spirit Warrior Initiation; Spirit Warrior mask making workshop; Shamanic Life Between Lives workshop...where you go and what you do when you pass over to the spiritual realm; Drum/Sound Healing Training with a Shaman; and ongoing reading and self study in shamanic and other healing modalities. 

My email address is:


 Questions? Please contact me at, or through Nan's Rock Shop, 902 825 2700, or drop me an email. Thanks and Merry Be.